ABOUT US More than 13 years making businesses grow.

What We Do CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy

In CLASSMAKERS we work hard to make our clients’ businesses grow thanks to tools such as corporate design, graphic design, website development, on-line stores, social network management, business plans development, strategy design for projects and businesses. Because our clients understand our services are the best investment to help them sell more and better.

Brief description of our TRAJECTORY

  • 2004
  • THE BEGINNING After years of R+D in the North American market, CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy defines and creates its own business plan to be implemented in Spain. Previous to the launch of the brand in Spain, protocols, services and strategy are defined, these will guarantee the prevalence of the project CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy in the market.
  • 2005
  • FIRST STEPS International relations have always been an exponential value for the founders of CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy, and since 2005 they have maintained excellent relations with Middle Eastern business people.
  • 2006
  • THE COMPANY IS BORN In the year 2006 CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy opens an office in Madrid (Spain) to provide both to national and international companies services of Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Design, Web and Multimedia.
  • 2007
  • POSITIONING AND DIFFERENTIATION Within a short period of time, CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy obtains position and differentiation amongst business people and executives, whose objectives are to boost their company’s sales and to increase their brand value.
  • 2008
  • PERSONAL IMAGE · COMMUNICATIONS TOOL ONLY ONE Business Attire Consulting is created by CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy. This brand specializes in CORPORATE IMAGE AND PROTOCOL CONSULTING for public figures, executives, business people and diplomats, interested in improving and enhancing their personal image as a communications tool.
  • 2009
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS The outstanding work in public relations of CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy, leads to the creation of CLASSMAKERS BUSINESS CLUB. A business synergy and Networking CLUB created by and for our preferred clients.
  • 2010
  • INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION: FRANCE The growing interest for international markets, drives CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy into opening market in France based in La Défence, Paris.
  • 2011
  • CM BUSINESS MAGAZINE CLASSMAKERS BUSINESS CLUB creates CM BUSINESS MAGAZINE, a digital magazine created by and for our preferred clients interested in releasing news about their businesses, as well as those interested in business synergies.
  • 2012
  • QATAR BUSINESS Clients’ and businesses’ growing interest to stablish business relations with the Arabian market, together with CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy’s excellent relations with the Middle East, boost the creation of a new line of business under the name QATAR BUSINESS. This new brand is intended for the Spanish market; to provide with a specialized service to manage business opportunities and strategic alliances between Spain and the Middle East.
  • 2013
  • FQS FRANCHISES FQS Franchises is created as a result of the good relations with business owners with more than 20 years of experience in the franchise sector. FQS designs your business plan for the franchise, as well as acquiring candidates and boosting your franchise’s growth.
  • 2014
  • SPAIN&ME SPAIN AND ME Doing Business with Spain is born after the success obtained in the presentation of products, businesses and franchises in the Middle Eastern market, as well as taking into consideration the different emerging markets in Arab countries. The brand is aimed to provide personalized services to Arab businesses interested in importing Spanish market, quality, product and expertise.
  • 2015
  • CLASSMAKERS GROUP The different areas and business divisions represented by the brands CLASSMAKERS Business Strategy, ONLY ONE · Business Attire Consulting, QATAR BUSINESS · A World Of Opportunities and SPAIN & Me Doing Business with Spain, are unified under the name CLASSMAKERS GROUP.
    LEGAL DEPARTMENT ACTON Estudio Legal is created to provide our clients with a legal department specialized in business and international market law.
    PLATINUM CARD On the other hand, SPAIN & ME launches PLATINUM CARD for members of SPAIN & ME Club; these are Arab business people looking for privileges and advantages within the Spanish business world.
  • 2016
  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Strategic aliances are carried out in the UAE to favour business operations.
  • 2017
  • OPENS NEW OFFICE: CLASSMAKERS QATAR CLASSMAKERS GROUP opens its own office in Doha with the task of providing Qatar business people with personalized services. By opening this new office, CLASSMAKERS GROUP, follows its strategy to enhance its presence and business relations in QATAR and the Middle East.
  • 2018
  • CLASSMAKERS & MANSOOR AL THANI GROUP MANSOOR AL THANI GROUP and CLASSMAKERS begin the development of a strategic plan to ease business relationships between Qatar and Spain.
  • 2019
  • CLASSMAKERS GROUP & RTVE EXTERNAL MARKET gives Babel Aragón, as a Spanish businesswoman linked professionally to the Arab world for more than 13 years, her own space to talk about business and business relationships between the Middle East and Spain.
  • 2019
  • SHEIKH MANSOOR AL THANI & BÁBEL ARAGÓN Sheik Mansoor Al-Thani and our CEO Babel Aragón join forces and create their own company in Qatar with the brand "Mansoor Al-Thani & Babel Aragón Business Alliances" to facilitate business relations between Spain and the Middle East. The union of Babel Aragón, a leading businesswoman in Spain who promotes facilitating business relations between Spain and Qatar, together with one of the most important business leaders worldwide, Sheik Mansoor Al-Thani, is undoubtedly a great step in history, as this is the first time that the surname Al-Thani is joined together with that of a person to create a joint company.

OUR CLIENTS Our clients are our best GUARANTEE.

  • CLASSMAKERS GROUP is progress, commitment and art with an honest and professional business spirit. Working with CLASSMAKERS results in making a profit first for the clients, then for the company itself.


    Personal Advisor to the President of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce
  • CLASSMAKERS is the sum of professionalism, persistence, perseverance. Being a client of CLASSMAKERS is a privilege, the work they carry out is needed in every business sector.


    Former player & current Captain at the Qatar National Handball Team
  • Achieving the success of CLASSMAKERS GROUP starting from scratch is not just a coincidence, but the result of many years of hard work and dedication. It’s a pleasure to have met Babel Aragon, an honest, determined and inspiring businesswoman


    Football Coach at the National Youth Training Center of the Chinese Football Associaciation
  • I would like to wish even, The President of Spain to greet you and honor you with the Medal of the Middle East Leader, And this is not far... a day soon.


    Manager at Saudi Development SDES (Kingdom Saudi Arabia)
  • Whenever I talk about businessmen in Spain I remember you! You generate work, pay taxes and risk your money, I don't understand how in Spain they don't help you more !!! Babel Aragón, you're a crack!


    Marketing Manager in shopping center, at CBRE
  • You will do well Babel Aragon, you are the good example of a excellent a proactive person at her company and her work.


    Executive Director at LMG Consultants
  • Thanks a million Babel for all your support and work, and best wishes to you in everything you do. It is a pleasure knowing someone as sweet as you are Babel Aragon.


    Office Manager at LogiCore Systems INC.
  • I want to congratulate you for the work done with the creation of our brand, you have demonstrated professionalism and experience from the first moment we contacted CLASSMAKERS. Our search to develop an exclusive product has had positive results, we have followed the guidelines and professional advice that you have given us from the beginning and together we get OLIVEGOLD already present worldwide, we receive daily visits to our website and networks, boosting sales and clients with international projection.


    Olive Gold · Sales Representative
  • CLASSMAKERS has an incredible merit, having started in the middle of the economic crisis, admirably, it continues to grow. Thanks to its director and founder, a young person but who is completely dedicated and has a privileged know-how, it is able to tastefully manage and provide everything that a collective or company may need.
    Secretary to the Lebanese ambassador in Madrid
  • There is no business as loyal, dedicated and caring towards their clients as CLASSMAKERS GROUP. They take care of you clients as ir they were their own; they are a great example of professionalism.
    Events Manager & RRPP Sony Madrid
  • To say CLASSMAKERS is to say: excellent results, tenacity, professionalism, elegance, quality, class and above all... enthusiasm! Enthusiasm that Babel Aragón shared with us on that first visit 4 years ago in our offices whilst presenting the company. From that day on, we have shared projects and work on various occasions and she always contributes excellence and continues to show the same illusion that we saw on the first day. I can only thank Bábel and CLASSMAKERS for their know-how, results, discretion and their ingenuity.
    Managing Partner · Press & Communication Management
  • CLASSMAKERS develops actions for our business that we had never considered important before, with truly satisfying results and an unbeatable service.
    Casa Hortensia Restaurante · Chef Executive
  • CLASSMAKERS´ success is based on its know-how, professionalism and dedication. All of this with an essence of elegance whilst providing its clients with growth results.
    Assistant Director at Intereconomía Business
  • We have collaborated with CLASSMAKERS GROUP on various occasions and we have always had very positive results. We organised a course on personal image for our best clients and we had the opportunity to find out the secrets of personal image as a communication tool in the business world. As well as the professional quality of the CLASSMAKERS GROUP team, we would also like to highlight their personal quality too.
    Intercontinental Hotel · Marketing Coordinator
  • In my opinion, CLASSMAKERS GROUP has gained differentiation by being a company of image and Brand management services, capable of making my dreams come true and interpreting my ideas.
    Urrechu Restaurante · Chef Executive
  • CLASSMAKERS offers class, differentiation and style for our image actions, as well as great professionalism and an unbeatable personalised service.
    Qatari Embassy in Madrid · Consul of the Qatari Embassy
  • CLASSMAKERS is synonymous with excellence and improvement. When we talk about the need for Spain’s businesses to be more productive, efficient and have objectives for the country to progress, I always think in CLASSMAKERS. It is exemplary, with a continuous desire to grow and expand since the beginning, on a national level and an international level. Fruit of this is the trajectory of CLASSMAKERS, it has gained constant recognition and admiration from its clients, business contacts and partners.
    Manager · Joyerías Blasco
  • To me, CLASSMAKERS GROUP is a sure bet to make your business grow; all with a nice touch of elegance, professional trusted and close treatment.
  • To find a company that, beyond understanding your objectives, thinks about them and about what you really need for your business, before exposing it, is difficult. With an exquisite service and a correct interpretation too is nearly impossible, but CLASSMAKERS excessively achieves it.
    Director at Intereconomía Programme
  • I'm aware that CLASSMAKERS has had a vocation for excellence since it began, i.e to serve with the maximum guarantee of quality and to provide the best results. A meticulous and personalised service to the finest detail. It aims to provide the highest professionalism, is insuperable. CLASSMAKERS measures its success on the results and satisfaction of its clients.
    General Manager · Social Media USA


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  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Big enterprises